BIM skills 101: AtTeNtIoN tO dEtAiL

And so it is with all things in life. Do it properly. Pay attention. Never run with scissors in your hand. So if “A” is for attention to detail, and “B” is for “But I checked it before I sent it”, then “C” is for “Couldn’t be bothered”. This guy gets a straight “F” by simply inventing a person who doesn’t exist and adding him to the email chain. What a moron.

If you ever want to rapidly diminish your reputation when dealing with competent technical types, especially on subject matters to which you yourself do not have a firm grasp, the most direct route to oblivion is to introduce non-existent colleagues into your correspondence with said competent technical types. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. In fact, just fuck off and stop wasting my time; I’ve got memes to browse on Reddit.

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