When is a Questionnaire not a Questionnaire?

Consulting for the lazy

Hong Kong’s Construction Industry Council (CIC) are tasked with implementing the government’s BIM initiatives and have employed US bean counter led engineering consultancy AECOM to drive the development of a case requirement study for 3D and BIM Data.

Never one to spend a dollar on a task if they can get someone else to do it, and gain an unfair advantage at the same time, AECOM have basically asked the BIM people invited to make up their own questions, to provide them with valuable data that would allow them to bid for and win future projects more efficiently.

Tell us what you know about BIM, so we can do it better. Example 1

Not content with finding out what you know, they also want to find out what would make their bids more effective for future projects by identifying gaps in the current processes they can exploit and wow the clients with their boundless knowledge and BIM chops.

All your base are belong to us

Much BIM. So Collaborate

Clients who know nothing about BIM Part 1.

This wishy-washy BIM requirements “specification” is taken from the terms of reference for a major expansion to an airport terminal. This is the entirety of the BIM requirements for the project.

The could have just put in a clause, “just give us some BIM please”.

Such BIM

Fool me once, shame on — shame on you

Shame on you

It never ceases to amaze how badly organised some larger companies are. Here’s an example of an HR drone’s shotgun approach to recruitment, sending a mail about a job to a BIM warrior who left the company a few month’s earlier, and who is currently employed in a more senior role. I’d like to think this was an isolated incident, but FFS I received a similar mail a few weeks later.

Fool me twice

Let’s get things started


Yes Gordon, it is as bad as it looks
Yes Gordon, it is as bad as it looks

To get things started, the BIM Weasel sent me this email exchange recently, which demonstrates a promising level of BIM fuckwittery from the Project Manager.

From: Manager, Project 
To: Weasel, BIM <bim.weasel@*******.com>; Engineer, Lead <lead.engineer@*******.com>
Subject: RE: New Project BIM PxP – essential reading

Lead Engineer,

There is no need for you to read this document.



From: Weasel, BIM
To: Engineer, Lead <lead.engineer@*******.com>
Cc: Manager, Project <project.manager@*******.com>
Subject: New Project BIM PxP – essential reading

Lead Engineer,

May I suggest that you read the following document carefully, if you have not already done so? It is central to the proper delivery of this project: New Project (Airport Stuff) – BIM PXP.pdf


The BIM Weasel

Digital Delivery Specialist